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government. president obama has recognized the great effort that san francisco has started and want to continue. so we can eradicate violence here in san francisco and start a global movement. everyone here is touched by domestic violence. if you say you don't know, it may be your co-worker. or your sister that doesn't want to speak out. it could be your mother or grandmother. i do this in memory of a fellow co-worker, laura sweat, who was murdered by her husband. and in that moment two young children were left without a mother. i do this in her memory and in hope that the world will see no more violence. thank you for joining one billion rising. you have the power to save lives. [applause] thank you, julie chu, from the commission of women. there are vaginas around? i am marily mondejar. i am one of the organizers of the event tonight. and i am a survivor of domestic violence. i rise tonight because when i was 22 years old i did not know that i could leave my abusive marriage. i rise tonight because when i was 26 years old i did not know that there were countless other women suffer
, 20 rounds. 75-round clips. everything that you see on the wall here. thank you, president obama. >> michael: that's a great colorado accent he has, too. there is this element in your state, dave. how is that being reconciled. >> there is a huge debate in the legislature over gun control. there have been protests and staged protests by the conservative movement against the gun control measures. they were modest measures, measures limiting magazines but they were portrayed as assaults on the second amendment. here's the thing as the polling show, as we've seen more and more mass shootings and some of them have taken place right here in colorado, that has not surprisingly shifted public opinion. it shifted mass popular opinion to say modest steps for gun control is not an assault on the second amendment. we can have modest regulations and also protect constitutional rights. the right does not want to have anybody believe that, but those are the facts of what is happening in the legislature. >> michael: yes, we're going to keep our eyes on colorado because the idea that they're talk
and as our country continues to celebrate the beginning of the second term of our great president, president barack obama. now, it's easy to take for granted the progress that we've made as a country because we are forever looking to solve today's problems and as we continue to meet tomorrow's challenges as we shape our future. but what it is, it's definitely worthwhile to take a look back at the great works of our predecessor and the brave men and women who have paved the way for progress that we enjoy here in the 21st century. and if you look around, many of those men and women are right here with us in the rotunda today. we remember the people who braved police dogs and fire hoses turned against them by their own government officials in the south, people who believed that an idea -- believed in an idea that we're all created equal and that we're willing to risk and that we're willing to risk their life in the purchase soul of a lofty promise in america. today we celebrate black history month and the catalyst to progress that the emancipation proclamation as well as the march on washingto
thing barack obama drained is our national treasury. during our current fiscal battles, president obama has gone to great lengths to deceive and lie about the real consequences of sequestration. from teacher furloughs to longer airport lines to criminal its running free, the obama administration has lied to the american people. they have even closed the white house for public tours. remarkably, the many false claims from the white house had even prompted some in the mainstream media to push back. one of the reasons why the white house thought it could get away with it is because the media has always been in their back pocket. you just have to look at all the obama scandals, with the latest being the tragedy where four brave americans died -- were murdered in benghazi, to see the media's complacency. the obama administration has not been forthcoming with information on benghazi, and congress has failed in its oversight responsibilities. citizens united recently launched a campaign calling on members of congress to create a select committee to investigate fully the benghazi tragedy. it ha
the spunk, the nerve, the verve that rand paul show. you can't take the position, any fight against obama is great, and embarrass him, you have to look at the end of the day, rand paul is for retreat from the world and a principle more or less neo-isolationist view and doesn't think we need to be on the offensive around the world and i think that's dangerous. i'm happy to debate it, he has every right to make his views known. >> megyn: some critics say he will not be successful in getting the nomination, nor in winning because in his libertarian way criticized the civil rights act, look, you can't legislate people into not discriminating, and the consumers will reject them and cards fall where they may. i don't, i think that was a rachel maddow gotcha moment. and one week after he's a skilled politician now and this is about imagery and being able to deliver had a message and it was horrific to see senator mccain come out there like a grumpy old man, decrying college libertarians in their dorm rooms and getting excited about rand paul. and if senator mccain had some of those college liber
asleep at the wheel. i use the great acres analogy. obama's democrats are like the sexy zaza that could expense every vehicle they have. eddie arnold is the guy that always has to play the bills. we have zsa zsa gabor in the white house. it's great because in a sense they're our mother so they tell us thousand use the microwave. might be at night they give us a bedtime story and we get allowance from them through food stamps apt up employment. >> dana: the other thing they spend money on, you think it's easy to privatize the post office. maybe we don't need the usda to make the ads for us. college students are learning how to use a microwave. manual not being able to actually close saturday delivery for the post office, that that is what happened. >> eric: they are going on trips. >> dana: a huge conference. there is conference where there is golf. >> eric: $200 million here, somewhere. spend $2 million -- >> dana: $2 million, $220,000 to be spent on exhibit space. remember aig had a bail-out and there was a conference where they had spa pedicures for everybody and then the gsa example
to be a huge issue behind closed doors but it won't come out in public. in public it will be a great success story. obama will succeed. you'll see. >> brown: we will see what happens later in the week. we'll follow it. martin indyk, david makovsky thank you both very much. >> ifill: margaret warner is traveling with the president to the middle east. her first report tomorrow will examine the political and ideological rifts among the palestinians. >> woodruff: now, the latest in our series of reports about older workers. our focus this time: the interesting and sometimes perplexing dilemmas colleges and universities face as their teaching workforce is graying. economics correspondent paul solman was back on campus, part of his on-going reporting, "making sense of financial news." >> when my doctor or my wife tells me i ought to stop, i will stop. >> solman: 75-year-old former george washington university president stephen trachtenberg still teaches public service there. >> you guys are all working well togetherm and that's wonderful. >> solman: at george mason university, 71-year-old writing
's put the numbers in context. abysmal numbers. president obama is not doing so great. a new cnn poll has him at just 47% approval rating. that's down eight points since january. i do think, though, any strategist would say the republican party right now has a steeper hill to climb. as a republican, as a republican pollster, how freaked out are you right now? >> you know, i've seen some bad numbers before. you know, i feel like seeing bad numbers now, it's not freaking me any more now than it was before the election. what makes me excited -- >> i assume you were freaking out a lot before the election. >> i have been freaking out the last four years about the republican party's performance with groups, for instance, like young voters, the latino community. the numbers have been grim for republicans for not just the last few weeks or months, but for years with these groups. i think the stuff you saw in the report today is going to beg begin -- not completely win the conversation bush but begin the conversation of trying to win these voters that are young, that are not white, that republican
at some point in history. at the new makes a great point about mental health and the breakdown of the family. this is something you always talk about. president obama would be the perfect person. >> time writing something like that right now as an op-ed piece because i think the family breakdown is critical, but don't belittle the argument. we have had a rash of massacres in this country. the american people see it. that is why we have finally said, was slick is something reasonable, background checks, closing the gun show loophole. why are we as an american people throwing up our arms. >> we have used up a great deal of time on this and will have to move on. lou: i have to say, no one is dismissing this issue. it is really important that we not be exploited by those who find it politically advantageous to try to strip us of our weapons, and our -- >> i agree with you. lou: if i may. if i may. if i may. the fact of the matter is that this is an issue that requires absolutely careful thought and study. there are people who would reflexively try to deny americans their second ame
, obama is doing a great way -- they have people crying up there and babies and women, they are all going to do -- to die because we cut 14 cents. we have to do it more on a emotional level to get people to want to understand what is going on. >> there is a way to do it. i feel a little bit of hope. i think the sequestration has been fantastic in terms of narrowing down this discussion and focusing. the white house tours question was brilliant. the obama administration walked into it. earlier this week, representative andy harris, a doctor from maryland -- [applause] >> right? i just moved here and i'm from california. i feel right at home in maryland. you have to watch out. he was on the appropriation committee and he had the president of the disease control center in front of him. you sent out this pamphlet and you're cutting because of the sequestration and 250,000 children in maryland would go without immunization and i have the obama budget in front of me. you were going cut $58 million and no children were going to be go out immunization. that proves they are lying to you. number tw
. >> mike: i'm afraid maybe nancy pelosi was right on one thing we will know what is in obama care after we passed it. >> after we suffered from it. >> mike: very well said. doctor marc siegel great to have you here today. a new york cop is facing life in prison for basically having some really sick thoughts like cannibalism. is that the proper sentence for somebody who hasn't actually h hurt anybody else? hurt anybody else? i will discuss the c c c c c living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain. for many adults, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your abilitto fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your docto
walker is a great governor introducing great ideas. [applause] all across america, governors are doing the innovative, new solution things that barack obama is opposing in washington, d.c. and the contrast couldn't be more vivid. i came this morning because i need your help, i think the country needs your help, the republican party and the conservative movement need your help. we're in a 50-year struggle for the conservative movement in the republican peat. let me be clear. the republican establishment is just plain wrong about how to approach politics. republicans in solving problems is plain wrong. are e who have been here raising the right kind of questions. monday the republican national committee will produce a report on the initial changes. that report will be an important first step. i want to female size, it is a first step. -- emphasize it is a first step. the first republican president posed the challenge for all of us in december 1862. lincoln wrote the following to the congress "can we do better? the dogmas of the quiet past are in adequate to the stormy present. the occasi
. >> you're in "the situation room." >>> it is one of the great debates in washington right now, can president obama and republicans reach a long-term agreement on reducing the deficit? >> the answer, different depending on which republican you ask. house speaker john boehner doesn't sound very hopeful. he's standing firm against the idea of increasing tax rates, increasing tax revenue. >> the president believes that we have to have more taxes from the american people. we're not going to get very far. if the president doesn't believe that the goal ought to be to balance the budget over the next ten years, i'm not sure we're going to get very far. and this is the whole issue. we have a spending problem here in washington, and it's time to solve the problem. >> we're hearing different things coming from various republicans, including senator bob corker. he's a republican of tennessee. he says he's optimistic about the possibility of what's called a grand bargain, and he's open to the idea of raising tax revenues to cut the deal under certain circumstances. senator corker's joining us n
of romney and obama and so on, it has, it has, it had the fox, fox news doesn't reach most of those people. look, fox gets great ratings. hates a loyal audience, but you know, look at the shows. bill o'reilly shows the most popular one on cable news. it gets 2 or 3 million people a night. that is not the electorate. we have a big country. and the conservative media only reaches a tiny chunk of it. >> i am looking at column you wrote in 2004. i am going to read the first couple of lines to see if you can tell the rest of the story. >> a few years ago michael moore who is now promoting a anti-president bush movie entitled fahrenheit 9/1, announced he had gotten the goods on me. indeed hung me out to dry on my own words. it was in his first best selling book, stupid white men. moore wrote he had once been forced to listen to my comments on a tv chat group. moore said and round up by bell lowing: these kids don't even know what the iliad and the odd i have. what did the rest of the column say? do you remember? >> i don't. >> you are accused him of lying? >> yeah. >> he said he called you. >>
, including our closest allies, france and great britain, pressuring the u.s. to do more to help and arm the syrian rebels. >> we do not stand, president obama has made it clear, that the united states does not stand in the way of other countries that made a decision to provide arms, whether it's france or britain or others. he believes that we need to change president assad's calculation. >> there has been disagreement in the past in, within the cabinet. we now know that hillary clinton and the c.i.a. director and others wanted some, and the defense team as well, leon panetta, wanted to arm the rebels. the president is still dead set against that. we don't know where secretary kerry comes down. is this an issue where the president is going to have to move under pressure from allies? >> i think this is an issue that the people at the white house wrestle with every single day. the human cost of assad's actions are horrific. and we struggle with the human toll and hearing these stories from the region, about innocent people that are suffering. so what the president has done is rejected thi
is a great guy. >> bill: yes i have always admired him very much. we have the whole team here. president obama leaves wednesday for the middle east. his first visit to israel as president. he gave an interview to israel too the other day where he talked about one of the things he misses most. he lives not so far from where you live, jennifer. i forget the name of the park -- >> stanton park. >> bill: right. so he lived in the hood here and he liked to just walk around, pop into restraints can't do that anymore. >> obama: sometimes i have this fantasy that i can put on a disguise and wander through teleaeve and go to a bar and have a conversation or go down to a university and meet with students in a setting where it wasn't as formal and we're going to try to find as many opportunities as i can to interact with the israeli people, but you have tapped into something that chases at me. >> bill: i have heard the first lady say the same thing, wouldn't it be nice to go for a walk? no, there was a time. eleanor roosevelt used to do that, but no longer. and imagine having
the economy was contracted. greece is having our great depression of the late 1920s. >> wow. >>> moving on to washington now. president obama's renewed push for a grand bargain may be showing some early signs of paying off, at least with one top republican. senator bob corker of tennessee says he could envision raising tax revenue if democrats embrace big changes to medicare and social security. he is at odds with other members of his party including house speaker john boehner who is ruling out the prospect of any new taxes. >> i think, by the way, there is a chance on a deal. i know the president is saying the right things and we have an opportunity over the next four to five months. i think republicans, if they saw true entitlement reform would be glad to look at tax reform that generates additional rveevenues. that means closing loopholes and arranging our tax system so that we have economic growth. >> i don't know whether we can come to a big agreement. if we do, it will be between the two parties on capitol hill. the president got his tax hikes on january the 1st. the talk about ra
to you. >> great to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> so president obama nominating thomas perez as the next labor secretary filling the seat vacant since january, and rich edson is live outside the white house with more on that. rich? >> held a similar position for the state of maryland, recent position is the department of justice leading up to civil rights division. president obama in his nomination says that he believes that thomas perez will push his administration's priorities at the labor department. >> we're going to have to work very hard to make sure that folks find jobs with good wages and good benefits. we have to make sure veterans returning home from iraq and afghanistan have a chance to put their incredible skills and leadership to work at home. we need to build ag immigration system that works for every employee and every family and every business. >> some republicans criticizing the pick according to a department of justice inspector general report showing deep ideological divisions within the department that thomas perez headed up predating the obama administrat
. jenna: 23, that is for sure. great to see you as always, thank you. jon: a leading republican lawmaker is raising serious questions about the obama administration's handling of the benghazi terror attacks and the aftermath. senator lindsey graham accuses the white house of telling injured survivers of those attacks to quote, be quite and not share their stories. now he's willing to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this happen. >> i'm going to hold up the pweufs the senate until we get the survivors on record. i've talked to a couple. their story is chilling. they are scared to death to come forward without some institutional support. jon: let's talk about it with bret baier the anchor of special report and a guy who has done a great deal of reporting on what happened in the benghazi situation. there are 33 survivors of the attacks who were evacuated from the diplomatic facilities there, bret? >> reporter: yes, jon, a lot of them fall into the cia category and probably will not be heard from, undercover agents. you do have at least four state department officials, state depa
. >> in the face of our ever so painful loss of christina in our earthly lives, may our prayer be one of great hope. stpho: and ours as well. the bus driver also killed. the team was headed to an away game at the time of that unfortunate accident. martha: well critics are calling out president obama's trip to israel for being less about substance and more about photo ops they say. wednesday's trip will be the first time that president obama has visited the u.s. ally as president. i'm joined now by myra miller and adviser to house speaker john boehner and senior vice president at the winston group. and doug schoen, fox news contributor. myra, that is the criticism. the white house says they have a lot of important plans for this trip and it's very significant since it's the president's first trip there, what say you? >> any time the economy is in the situation it is now it tends to evoke questions about why he would go overseas. this is much more about atmospherics over substance. surveys continue to show the american public is very supportive of israel and sympathetic. but it calls i b into questio
. and now investigators want to know how it could possibly happen. >>> president obama about to make his first visit to israel since taking office. but how happy are the israelis to receive him? >> call it the great cookie caper. the girl scouts, duped. so will anyone step up before the cookies crumble? ouch. welcome back to "early start," i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. it is monday, march 18th. >>> we do have some breaking news. we've just learned that an improvised explosive device, devices, actually, have been found at the university of central florida. classes have been canceled until at least noon today. police received a 911 call about a suspect with a gun right after midnight. approximately 500 students were evacuated from the dorm on the central campus. this is in orlando. the explosive devices were found, we're being told, along with one person who was found dead. it looks like that person killed him or herself with a single gunshot wound. no word on the identity of that person. we will have more on this breaking news story as it comes in. again, ieds found at the uni
if that market's starting to look pretty overheated. dagen: bob, great talking. thank you so much. i hope to see you very, very soon. >> caller: okay, good speaking with you. dagen: bob, take care. >> caller: thank you. con cop another big story, president obama will come out expected to nominate thomas perez, current u.s. assistant attorney general to take the place of the labor secretary. dagen: this could stir up controversy on capitol hill. joining us now with reaction is "wall street "wall street journal" editorial board member, jason. you get first dibs. connell: thank you very much for the floor. the controversy vowndz, -- surrounds, what, jason? an over active secretary? >> well, the record of justice, the obama administration is tooting the fact that he oversaw lending elements at the justice department, but not talking about the methods used in the cases. he used desperate impact, a way, basically, of using statistics to prove discrimination. if more blacks denied home loans than whites, that's automatically racial discrimination. more black kids sus pended rather than white kids, that
of ambassador holblook, secretary clinton and president obama asked marc if he would come back and pick up this portfolio which he did. we are, i think as americans here anyway, all enormously greatful to him for doing that and for coming back today to share his thoughts with us on silent s ahead in the campaign in afghanistan. so please join me in welcoming ambassador grossman. [applause] > thank you very much. first of all, thank you very much for the opportunity to be here. i've had a chance on a number of occasions to stand at this podium and talk about foreign policy issues but i'm glad to be here today to talk about this diplomatic campaign in pakistan and afghanistan. i want to say one of the good things about speaking to a washington audience, when jessica goes through the jobs you've had everyone goes uh-huh, uh-huh. >> i was somewhere speaking and someone said here is ambassador grossman. i want to say what a pleasure it is to see so many people here in the audience who i have had the great benefit of learning from for many years. without drawing any distinctions i hope you'll al
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)